Getting Started on Super Craft Brothers

Fist of all, we'd like to give you a warm welcome to our community!

Table of contents:

1) Downloading Minecraft

2) Connecting to the Servers

3) Joining a game

4) Getting VIP

5) How to play the game

Downloading Minecraft

In order to play Super Craft Brothers, you must have a premium Minecraft account. To get Minecraft, simply make an account on and purchase the game. Make sure to then go to the downloads page and download Minecraft on your operating system (Mac, PC, Linux). (This requires an internet connection)

Connecting to the Super Craft Brothers Servers by SethBling and Minecade®

To connect to the servers follow these simple steps:

1. Open the Minecraft application and Log in with your Minecraft Premium account.

2. Once you log into Minecraft, click on the button that reads 'Multiplayer'

3. Once you click the Multiplayer button, you will be taken to a 'Play Multiplayer' screen. Here, you will see your list of added servers. Now, click on the button that reads 'Add server'.

4. Go to the Home page or the Servers page to see a server that is currently not full and you will see some icons like in the image below, each icon represents a running Super Craft Brothers server. Use the image as a reference.

5. Using the information from the Server icons, fill in the Add Server or Direct connect menu inside Minecraft (Refer to Step 3) With the information in the server icons.

6. Hit Done and then join the server. This will also add that server to your favorites, our recommendation is have some servers in there to quick connect, or to simply copy the server address of an open server from the 3 in the homepage and paste them into the Direct Connect option in minecraft to quickly join an available server. 

Joining a Game

When you finally join one of our servers, you will se several portals with signs, these signs indicate the players in that game, it's status and players alive : dead. (1) You must seek a game that is open and to join it, simply right click the sign with your mouse.

While at the lobby, you will notice you have an emerald in your inventory (2) This is the Gem shop. In the Gem shop you can purchase in game content such as maps, characters and perks with the in game currency (Gems), To access the Gem shop simply hold the Emerald (Gem) in your hand and right click it. You can see how many emeralds you have by hovering over the emerald with your mouse.

Getting VIP

VIP is a special Rank or status we sell in the SCB Shop. VIP is obtained with real currency and it costs 24.99 USD. With VIP you get special benefits such as being able to spectate games with flight, earn twice the amount of gems you would currently earn, get a special VIP tag, join full servers and a plethora of more features. You can get VIP at the VIP PAGE

Note that we ask that you Register an account with us and that you link your Minecraft character to the site. This way we know its your account and we can properly give you your VIP. 

We do not record any of your information and your Minecraft account verification is done directly with

How to play the game

When you join an arena you will have a wall with character names, each character has its own special abilities. To select your character simply right click its corresponding sign. When the match begins, you will get your special items corresponding to the character you selected and it is a free for all match against the other 3 players. You can see what player you are on top of your item bar and you can match it up with the scoreboard to see how many lives you have left.

Each player has 5 lives and the last player standing wins.
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